Now That's What I Call Music! has been going ever since 1998 in the United States, but it's only just now that series has reached its magic number. Somewhere along the line, the entirety of the internet agreed the only suitable answer to whenever the number 69 popped up is "nice." The 69th installment of America's Now got that treatment. (U.K.'s Now 69 dropped back in 2008. The country released its 101st edition in November.)

The special installment dropped on Friday, and Twitter users have been storming Now's mentions with the obvious joke.

Spotify's Twitter account had to get in on this, too.

This edition of Now includes Ariana Grande's "Breathin," Khalid's "Better," and Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's duet "Shallow."

For those unfamiliar, the "Nice" reaction originally gained popularity thanks to a 2006 episode of South Park. When Kyle tells police officers that a kid at the school was having sex with a kindergarten teacher at the school, there's an extended scene of all the officers simply saying "Nice" over and over.

The exact origin of responding to any mention of the number '69' is unclear, but it reached peak popularity sometime in 2016 when Obama tweeted that 69% of Americans wanted the senate to hold hearings for Judge Merrick Garland. All the responses to the tweet, bar a few very serious political comments, simply read, "Nice."

Since then, it has been agree upon that "Nice" is the only appropriate response to the number 69.

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