Eminem said that he's spent his entire career chasing after the spark of The Marshall Mathers LP in a new interview with Sway Calloway. 

The rapper revealed in the virtual reality interview, Marshall From Detroit, that the album was the perfect confluence of events in his life and a national mood that he's been trying to get back to ever since. 

"I know that that captured a moment," he says near the 7:00-mark. "It's kind of like a time capsule, when I look back at it. The times that it was back then and the turmoil in my life that was happening."

Em said that he was a lot more rageful in those early days and that feeling is hard to rekindle now that he's older and successful.

"I had a lot of rage," he said. "When people say they miss the old Eminem, I feel like it's probably that. You miss the rage. I don't have the rage anymore that I used to have but I still have the exact same passion."

The interview, which originally premiered at Sundance, shows Eminem talking to Sway as they're driven through his old Detroit haunts. It's available for viewing via Oculus Go, Rift and Gear VR, or through YouTube below. The release coincides with the 20th anniversary of the release of The Slim Shady LP.

“In Marshall From Detroit, we sought to explore the city impressionistically: Detroit as a memory, a feeling, a dream,” director Caleb Slain said of the project. “With a front row seat down memory lane alongside Marshall and Sway, this lyrical experience offers an unprecedented glimpse into its eponymous titans. We all have a home. And the extent to which it shaped us is one of life’s great mysteries. But as any native would tell you, Detroit, Michigan is one hell of a place to call home.”