Today marks the 10-year anniversary of Drake's legendary mixtape So Far Gone. The 2009 drop marked a major shift in Drizzy's career, pushing him even further away from the Degrassi label he rose to fame with. The 6 God reflected on everything that's happened since its release, and in an interview with Billboard, one of Drake's earliest big-name supporters has proclaimed him one of the best rap lyricists.

Bun B has supported Drake since some of his earliest work, and now he says it's time to talk about the Toronto rapper as one of the all-time greats. "I want to say he's top 10," Bun B said, after stating right up front that "a lot of people who are in the top 10 had ghostwriters as well." 

He went to say, "There will be very few artists who will ever be as impactful as Drake is. Game-changing." He also praised his sense of verstality, calling his approach to reinvention one of his strongest assests. "Most artists are either/or, they’re fiery lyrically or very heavy on wordplay, or they’re a laid-back player style," he added. "It was interesting how he can go back and forth not just through a project, but in the midst of a single verse."

Bun B was featured alongside Lil Wayne on So Far Gone fan-favorite "Uptown," although he said he recorded his verse for the track before even meeting Aubrey. "The song came to me through [Young Empire Music Group CEO] Jas Prince," he said. "He had been asking me for weeks. I had known him for several years growing up, and he never asked me for anything. He was like, 'I need you on this project I’m working on.' I was like, 'Alright, cool.'"

In his post reflecting on everything that's happened since So Far Gone first dropped, Drizzy dubbed Bun B a "legend" and thanked him for his contribution. He wasn't the only person to celebrate the 10-year anniversary, with J. Cole posting on Twitter, "So Far Gone super classic forever."

Look out for So Far Gone when it drops on streaming services this Thursday, Feb. 14.

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