Before 6ix9ine's guilty plea arrived last week, it was reported that one of the controversial rapper's lawyers, Lance Lazzaro, was removed from the case. He was dropped due to a suspected conflict of interest, with attorneys pointing out that he had worked with Kifano "Shotti" Jordan, who previously managed 6ix9ine. Dawn Florio, another one of the rapper's attorneys, previously indicated that Lazarro could be reinstated on the case, but now Shotti's new lawyer Jeffery Lichtman says Shotti isn't happy about this.

"Mr. Lazzaro's undisclosed representation of Mr. Jordan with regard to this case, and his previous representation of Mr. Jordan on others, may pose serious conflicts of interest should he be permitted to continue representing Mr. Hernandez [6ix9ine]," Lichtman, who is also El Chapo's lawyer, said in a letter addressed to Judge Engelmayer. Lichtman argues that not only has Lazzaro represented Shotti on a number of cases from 2003 through to 2015, but he also claims lawyer has "gained intimate knowledge of Mr. Jordan's affairs."

"Mr. Lazzaro and Mr. Jordan were in continual contact starting in 2003, resulting not in the sporadic representations depicted in the Lazzaro Ltr., but an uninterrupted attorney-client relationship that concluded in 2018 after nearly a 15 year run," Lichtman explained. "This representation only serves to heighten the aforementioned fears concerning conflicts of interest and the use-even if inadvertent-of confidential information against Mr. Jordan."

Lichtman also revealed in the latter that 6ix9ine previously tried to get him to join his defense team back in January. He told the rapper that if he wanted to do it, he had to hire him before Shotti did. "Mr. Hernandez informed me that he did not believe Mr. Jordan would be able to afford my services," Lichtman added.