Last year saw Tyler, the Creator and ASAP Rocky come together for yet another collaboration with their "Potato Salad" freestyle. The end of the video for the track, which was shot in Paris, seemingly featured a tease for a project between the two of them titled WANGSAP. Since the release of the video, there's been little to no news regarding its status, but now Tyler has laid out the situation as clearly as possible.

Posting on his Twitter, Tyler wrote, "I wish Rocky would shut the fuck up and stop always saying what he's working on 40 years before it's even a fleshed out idea." Seemingly frustrated with Rocky's eagerness to announce plans for a collaborative project, he continued, "With that said, again, don't get your hopes up and be 'disappointed' because something that doesn't really exist didn't come out. That shit don't exist y'all."

And for people who think the Rocky and Tyler project is going to be a surprise drop, Tyler made sure to debunk that theory too.

The video for the track initially appeared on ASAP Rocky's AWGE 3 DVD, arriving alongside an unreleased track from Lil Uzi Vert. Recently, Rocky spoke about the project for the first time since "Potato Salad" dropped.

The reveal that the project "doesn't really exist" came as part of a larger tweet storm from Tyler, during which he also revealed that he owes "like 6 people verses," adding that he's gotten worse at "replying to text and stuff." He did say, however, that he will "try to get to those verses soon."

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