Soulja Boy is on a reconciliation tour. Shortly after the rapper apologized to Akademiks, he spoke with Casanova over Instagram Live and both rappers made it clear that everything was cool between them. 

A bit of backstory. Cameras caught Casanova and Soulja Boy shouting at each other in a hallway. Judging by the words that were flying back and forth, it seems like Soulja talked to a woman in a way that the New York hardhead behind "Set Trippin" didn't appreciate. 

"You screamed at a lady, you bugging the fuck out, homie," Casanova said to Soulja Boy. "You got shit all over your face. Are you bugging out? You high? You smacked? ... You don't see how she ran out?"

Soulja's response seemed to confirm that he said something sideways. 

"If they females, they need to talk like females," he said. "Why she talkin' like she gangsta?"

The talk on Instagram Live was much less heated, with the rappers laughing and joking together.

"I'm good. I don't want no problems with nobody," Casanova said.

Cas added that he thinks Soulja Boy was letting the people around him push him into showing out.  

"N*ggas around me used to amp me up," he said. "Don't let nobody gas you... Rappers is dying out here, homie, off of little shit like this. I ain't letting no blog trick me out of my shit."

Take a look at the video up top and head back to his conversation on Everyday Struggle for insight into Soulja Boy's mindset