For Cayman-born Maeve, 2018 ended on quite a high as she released her latest three-track EP, Beasts, but she's already back with some newness. Today sees the release of a new remix of EP opener "Martyr" courtesy of South East London duo NULA and we've got the exclusive on the remix's visuals. The animated visuals—directed by Ed Smith—captures the emotionally wrought songwriting as well as the moody, lo-fi remix from NULA. To say that the visuals are "a bit out there" would be quite an understatement; elements of sci-fi, psychedelia, and some even more abstract elements weave in and out of each other with mind-expanding results.

Speaking on the collaborations, Maeve told us: "The animation and the remix came together really easily and organically. I knew NULA would keep it dark and moody, but would also take the track in a new direction. I got sent these really twisted visuals and I knew straight away that I wanted to incorporate the remix into them. I often write about the world and my experiences through a dystopian lens, so it just made sense."

Watch exclusively above.