We can all stop holding our breath. The take we've been waiting for has arrived. Johnny Manziel gave his thoughts on the beef between Kanye West and Drake

The Montreal Alouettes quarterback weighed in on the tiff between Drake and Ye, since he lives in the same neighborhood as the two superstars. On an episode of his Barstool Sports podcast Comeback Szn, Manziel said that he thinks 2019 will be "the Year of 'Ye."

"He's pretty much having open therapy sessions right now with his tweets every single day. So, he's on fire," he said.

Manziel said that he's excited to see how things play out between his neighbors.

"It's all happening right around the corner," Manziel said. "So, I'm in the middle of it right now. I can't wait to see it unfold a little bit more, but [Kanye] is triggered!"

Manziel couldn't offer any insight onto the veracity of the beef. He had no idea whether Drake and Kanye had legitimate reasons to be at each others' throats or if Yeezy should be nervous about Drake's reach. 

"Sometimes Kanye just says whatever the fuck he wants and people make a big deal out of it. I don't know if it's real beef or anything like that," he said, before noting that all beefs can be put to bed. "I don't think anything is too big to overcome anymore." 

Manziel noted that Kanye sounds worried while Drake isn't saying much of anything at all. 

"It sounds like Kanye is a little worried about Drake. Like he's going to call someone to beat him up or something," he said. "Drake's just kind of sitting back and not saying a whole lot during this. Kanye's just kind of talking recklessly."

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