Late Thursday, Cardi B came through with a compliment about J. Cole's new T-Minus-produced track "Middle Child," which sees the Dreamville co-founder addressing his friendship with Drake and his relatable issues with Kanye West, among other things. By Cardi's assessment, the track—Cole's first new solo release since his 2018 album KOD—is "too spicy."

Cole later dropped off a heart emoji and informed Cardi and his fans that the praise "made [his] whole week."

Though neither Cole nor Cardi indicated that any such thing was afoot, some fans took these tweets as a collective sign that a collaboration of some sort was possibly imminent:

Of course, there's also the small possibility that Cardi's original tweet was simply a shoutout to an actual middle child:

Collab or not, we're surely getting more new music from both Cole and Cardi this year. Sessions for the Dreamville comp Revenge of the Dreamers III wrapped earlier this month, with Cole declaring the result a thing of beauty. Manager Ibrahim Hamad later explained the extent of the work left to do in post-production, saying he put at least 124 "songs [and] ideas" into a playlist last week "and that's not even every song on the hard drive yet."

Cardi, meanwhile, has her debut Invasion of Privacy going against albums from Kacey Musgraves, Drake, and others in the Album of the Year category at next month's Grammys. She's also set to star in an ASMR-nodding Pepsi ad during this year's Super Bowl.