Stephen Colbert Wisely Urges Democrats to Let Cardi B Give State of the Union Rebuttal

Stephen Colbert started a Twitter petition overnight to urge Democrats to enlist Cardi B as the one giving the formal rebuttal to Trump's SOTU.


Image via Getty/Theo Wargo


As you well know, the government is still on pause due to a certain imbecilic prick's obsession with a big dumb wall. In addition to government employees (including, quite dangerously, those in the air safety industry) being tasked with working without pay, the ego-based shutdown has also rightfully inspired Nancy Pelosi to deny this imbecilic prick's push to give a State of the Disunion address at the House chamber. This prick, of course, reportedly considered doing so anyway at another venue.

Now, right on time, Stephen Colbert has publicly urged Democrats to enlist Cardi B for the formal rebuttal to whatever bullshit happens to fall out of the dolt's mouth that night. Late Wednesday, the same night he welcomed Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst to the stage for some welcomed oblivion, he started a makeshift petition on Twitter.

Cardi later retweeted an article about Colbert's efforts, which hopefully means she's totally up for this. The purported POTUS, meanwhile, is now claiming he won't give the SOTU until the shutdown—the one he caused—is over. However, he could very well be lying.

Both Colbert and Cardi, of course, have been consistently and awesomely critical of the MAGA cult's continued prickishness. Most recently, Cardi fired back at the cultees who keep quite ignorantly comparing the shutdown (the longest in U.S. history) to one that went down during the Obama years. As Cardi pointed out, the Obama era shutdown in question was designed as a push for the Affordable Care Act and not for a big dumb wall.

"So your grandma could go check her blood pressure," she said on Instagram earlier this month. "We really need to take this serious. I feel like we need to take some action."

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