Relative to the rest of his career, 2018 was a quiet year for Future. The rapper explained why he took the year off during an interview with Zane Lowe after a recent screening of his documentary The WIZRD. In short, the man made a name for himself by sounding weary was bone-tired. 

"In 2018, I just didn't want to do anything," he told Lowe. "They just wanted me to do things, but I would just...I did a lot. Five years I was on the road. I didn't ever get a chance to go home. I've been on four or five tours all across the world, from European tour to Australia tour, to just doing it two, three times back to back. Soon as I get off a tour I got to go on another tour in two weeks, go on another tour."

Future explained that he never got the chance to enjoy the fact that he was rich. He used 2018 to correct that by going on vacations.

"I never get a chance to vacation. I never get a chance to go nowhere, so 2018 was my first time going different places, and trying different, new experiences, and staying places over two weeks," he said. (Future and Nicki Minaj scrapped the North American leg of their 2018 NICKIHNDRXX Tour because of "scheduling conflicts"; a new set of tour dates sans Future was said to kick off May 2019.)

Future can't help but work a little bit, though. He's been putting together a new album, also called The WIZRD, and he explained how that work came together. 

"This album came together me just putting it together over a period of time when we was like, man this is from the beginning of my career and it's how I want to finish," he said. "This is where I'm going to, this is how I feel like, the music that I'm gravitating towards, the melodies, the melodic music. I've been around the game for nine years now, 10 years, so it's time to mature and just elevate.

Future also shared what the toughest part of watching his new documentary was. The rapper said that he struggled with the portions of the movie that featured his late friend and engineer Seth Firkins.

"The toughest part was just the Seth part. Just having Seth there all the time, and seeing them again on the screen. Such a big part of my music career is watching it back, hearing him speak, hear him talk about me, and how he feels, that was probably the most part," he said. "The first two years I was recording, he was there. And the third year of us going back and reconsidering, just to record over again and get more content, that's when he passed away. So, it was kinda crazy."

The WIZRD drops on Apple Music on Jan. 11. Take a look at the trailer below.