Future Says ‘The WIZRD’ Concludes Current Epic Deal and Next Contract Is Already Lined Up

Future is starting a fresh chapter after the release of his new album and documentary 'The WIZRD.'

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You already know it's WIZRD szn, but what you maybe didn't already know is that this album and accompanying documentary mark a crucial new chapter of sorts for Future.

"This my last album out of my last deal," Future told Big Boy Wednesday. "This the deal that I started. This my last album, so it's gon' be finishing it."

Asked to clarify what's next with regards to his label situation, Future kept the hype high but the specifics mostly nonexistent. "I already had another deal planned so it's kicked in right after this deal stops," he said. "So even with that, it's already set so whatever I do it's like guaranteed money. I got a basketball contract. It's a different kind of contract but I done worked for it, you know? I've been in the game for 10 years."

The WIZRD, out Jan. 18, will carry the joint Epic and (of course) Freebandz label credit. Though Future definitely seems to be suggesting his next deal is a massive one, it's worth noting that he doesn't explicitly say his relationship with the Sony Music-owned label is over. Sony Music also owns Columbia, RCA, and Arista.

Speaking on the documentary of the same name earlier in the Big Boy interview, Future explained that the footage (which he hasn't seen) is the result of the crew following him on the road for roughly seven years. "I haven't seen it," he said. "I seen the clips. That was a long time ago. . . . It helped me to stay focused because even then I didn't know I would be here. Once you have that tunnel vision, so many things will come along the way or try to stop you from going to the next level or the next step or whatever you have to do. You've just gotta keep going."

Future was also asked to name who he would currently consider "the GOAT" of trap music. "Man, I'll give it to Lil Baby," he said. "Lil Baby and Gunna." The two artists, he added, should be next up to get "the new deals, the new money, the new this, the new that."

Catch Future's full Big Boy interview, which also includes some WIZRD album talk, up top. The label talk kicks in around the six-minute mark.

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