Fetty Wap and Alexis Skyy faced a parent's worst nightmare when their daughter was rushed into emergency brain surgery over the weekend. 

According to TMZ, Skyy reportedly sensed trouble when their daughter, Alaiya, was continuously vomiting during a flight from Atlanta to New York. Once the plane landed, she was rushed to the hospital, where doctors discovered that the issue was rooted in a malfunctioning brain implant that helps to drain fluid and blood. This required physicians to perform emergency surgery  on the 1-year-old. 

Since her birth, Alaiya has been subjected health scares. In January of last year, Skyy had to undergo an emergency C-section, which led to Alaiya being born 3-months premature. She weighed just one pound at the time. The nature of her birth causes Alayia to suffer from a condition called hydrocephalus, which creates bleeding in her brain and is the reason for the faulty implant. However, despite multiple hospital stays, Alaiya has consistently shown her strength by making full recoveries, and her latest stint looks to be no different. Her surgery reportedly went well and she's currently recovering with her parents by her side. 

On a lighter note, Fetty Wap and fellow New Jersey-native SkinnyFromThe9 announced that they'll be putting on for the Garden State by dropping a joint mixtape, Skinny With the Zoo.

"It just shows Jersey united, because for some reason, Jersey don't f**k with Jersey," Skinny said of his collaborative work with Fetty. "We putting on for the city. I think we just make dope-ass music together. Those good vibes blossomed into an entire collab mixtape that will be out in the future."

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