Almost the entire music industry has spoken out against the disgusting allegations leveled against disgraced Chicago musician R. Kelly, but Erykah Badu doesn't look to be among them. Fans of Badu were disappointed when she spoke out about Kelly at her show in Chicago on Jan. 19, seemingly defending him.

"I don't know how everybody else feel about it, but I'm putting out a prayer right now for R," she told the audience. "I hope he sees the light of day if he's done all those things that we've seen on TV," she continued to audible disappointment from the audience. "That's not love," she said in response to people yelling "Fuck him!"

"What if one of the people that was assaulted by R. Kelly grows up to be an offender... We gonna crucify them? [...] Just something to think about," she says in the tough to watch clip. 


This is the first time she's spoken about the allegations against R. Kelly since the airing of Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly docuseries has aired.

At the 2017 Soul Train Awards, Erykah Badu said that R. Kelly had "done more for black people than anyone." Badu has been criticized for defending controversial figures, previously stating that she saw the good in everyone. She said she even saw the good in Hitler, calling him "a wonderful painter."