Tory Lanez is calling off his beef with Royce Da 5'9". The Canadian rapper said that he took their heated back and forth off Twitter, speaking to Royce and squashing their simmering feud

First, a little backstory. Tory and Royce started going at it on Twitter after Royce said that Lanez didn't win his mostly playful beef with Joyner Lucas. Lanez came in hot, jumping from Royce's opinion that he lost to immediately bashing Royce's career. 

Royce initially let it slide because Lanez is Canadian and new. 

Lanez kept going, telling Royce to "suck [his] dick." At that point, Royce warned him multiple times and seemed to threaten Lanez. 

Lanez appears to have smoothed things over. He said that he and Royce had a "very productive conversation."

As of press time, Royce hasn't shared his side of the convo.