UPDATED 12/3/18 12:00 p.m. ET: Tory Lanez took to his twitter yesterday (Dec 4.) to clarify his comments about 6ix9ine and 2Pac. Rather than comparing them as artists, Tory claims he was simply pointing out that they both released albums while incarcerated.

See below for original story published on 12/3/18.

Tory Lanez has had one hell of year, dropping not just one but two albums, and that's not even mentioning all the times he's appeared on songs by other artists. The Love Me Now? rapper has made it clear he doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon, and in a chat with Tim Westwood, he explained he always wants to give his fans new material. During their interview, he also spoke about 6ix9ine, comparing the controversial Brooklyn artist to Bobby Shmurda.

Lanez turned up on 69's debut album DUMMY BOY, and he talked with Westwood a bit about the rapper's current situation. "It's a tough situation," he said (16:30 in the video above). "Very good guy... The thing about it is every time I seen him, he's always joking around." He goes on to add that, "Behind all of the extra shit, he's a really funny, genuine, warm-hearted kid. ... I wish jail on nobody."

Elaborating more, he said, "It's really sad to see somebody at that platform...it kinda reminds me of, like, Bobby Shmurda. But Bobby Shmurda didn't even get to go as far. For somebody to go that far, you got Kanye, Nicki Minaj, your album's dropping. It's like, the only n***a who had shit like that popping was 2Pac. When 2Pac was in jail he dropped the biggest album. Not to say it was the biggest album of all fucking time, but it was a pretty big moment. It's sad he's gotta be locked up during it, is all I'm saying."

Check out the full interview above, where Lanez also addresses his back and forth with Joyner Lucas, who he says he's still a fan of.