Quincy Brown has released the official music video for "Sorry Kids," a TackBurnaz-produced single that debuted back in October.

The multi-hyphenate teased the visual on social media this week, and hosted a live YouTube chat shortly before its drop. Though he admits that the video was created within a short time span, Quincy reassured fans they would love it.

"This video was put together in a very, very, very quick turnaround time," he said on YouTube. "[...] It was definitely something that we went into thinking one thing, and we had a million other ideas once we got to the location. We did no location scouting; everything was just, like, ' Oh, we found this, we need this, we need that. Boom, boom, boom. Let's go.' But then once we got there, we started becoming scientists—visual scientists."

You can check out the video, co-directed by Quincy and Luis Guanzon, above. "Sorry Kids" is available to stream now on Apple Music/iTunes and SoundCloud.

A day before the video's release, Quincy told his fans he had more music on deck—a lot more music.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming records.