Bob Vylan, comprised of Bobby (vocals/production) and Bobb13 (drums), are a grime-infused punk group from London, who are somewhat reminiscent of punk bands like Discharge and Crass. Just like the punk musicians of old, Bob Vylan have a strong DIY approach to their music, also harking back to grime's early beginnings.

Their latest offering, "Armshouse" (out everywhere today), truly embodies this spirit, and the self-produced track—which contains a smartly utilised Dizzee Rascal sample—is an aggressive mosh-pit inducer, with the visuals mirroring this rockstar ethos. The video fuses a clean HD look, with mini DV footage paying homage to Dizzee and the essence of grime within its overall, gritty production.

Peep the Lxwavey-directed video exclusively above.