2018 has been a loud year for Essie Gang star Octavian, and he looks to keep that fire burning and close out the year on a high with the visual accompaniment for speaced-out Spaceman highlight, "Move Faster".

"Move Faster" is a psychedelic trip — one that weaves an array of wild energies and moods together to create a vibey, fast-paced video. On first watch, it's like an ocular workout: the video keeps you engaged and your eyes mesmerised, moving faster with the waves of transition throughout. Here we see the rapper skanking in the rain and playing with fire as the four elements play important roles; fire, water, earth and air are interwoven with the multiple scenes depicted. All of this is perfectly rounded off with scenes of Octavian and one of his female accomplices skrrt-skrrrting in a lush, yellow Porsche GT4.  

It's quite evident that Octavian shows now sign of slowing down; if anything, he's switching up the gears to "Move Faster" for the year ahead. Watch the video above.