Nardwuar's interviews have the ability to truly unravel his subjects, but the legendary Vancouver interviewer may have finally met his match in Lil Uzi Vert. The two previously met in 2016, so Uzi was already familiar with his distinctive interview style before walking into this latest encounter, and yet he still ended up running out after paranoia seemingly got the best of him.

Covering topics from notorious shock rocker GG Allin to Uzi's love of Rob Zombie, the interview officially starts to get too much for Uzi when he asks Nardwuar whether ecstasy is legal in Vancouver. A minute after asking, the clearly bewildered Uzi asks again, "No really, is ecstasy legal out here bro? Cause somebody gave me some ecstasy from the crowd and they said it's legal. And if they're saying its legal and you're not sure and you're always out here, it might not be ecstasy."

It only gets weirder from there, though, as the questions Nardwuar comes out with continue to make Uzi somewhat scared. "I'm glad I'm a good guy 'cause if I was under investigation or something I'd be scared right now," Uzi jokes. Nardwuar then namedrops Guns Garcia, a Philadelphia DJ who's linked up with Uzi multiple times in the past. At that point, a visibly confused Uzi had enough: "Bro he know too much, I can't do this."

"What Kanye do," he jokingly says, running off in a similar fashion as Kanye recently did when he was asked about Drake in New York City by TMZ. (Watch above at the 5:24 mark.)