Machine Gun Kelly seems to be taking his feud with Eminem into the new year. On Sunday, Dec. 30, the Cleveland-native posted a video to Instagram containing a snippet of his Eminem diss track, "Rap Devil," with the caption "just to piss y’all off one more time before the years over. y’all still BIG mad. fuck rap god im the rap devil goodbye 2018."

This Slim Shady shade may shake awake a dormant rap beef that hit its peak over the summer. On Aug. 31, Eminem took time on his surprise album, Kamikaze, to attack MGK (and several others) on the song, "Not Alike." This led Machine Gun Kelly to mock Eminem's Rap God pseudonym and release his "Rap Devil" diss track. The weight of Kelly's diss seemed to have lit a fire in Em, as Marshall quickly followed "Rap Devil" with his own lyrical retort, "Kill Shot." 

Although 2018 was a jam-packed year, this back-and-forth proved to be one of rap's highlights. Unlike the Pusha-T/Drake beef which also came to a head this year, in this spat it is hard to determine a clear winner. Many critics hail "Rap Devil" as the more entertaining track, yet Eminem's "Kill Shot" made YouTube history as it debuted to the most debut views for a hip-hop video and is one of the platform's most watched video accumulating more than 215 million clicks. Because of this, either side can consider themselves the victor while fans are itching to see if 2019 brings them the tie-breaking round.