On Thursday, Lil Pump was reportedly kicked off a flight from Miami after TSA agents suspected his luggage contained drugs, according to TMZ. Baggage handlers began suspecting that the rapper was attempting to bring weed onto the flight in his luggage after a "strong odor of weed" came from a bag with his name on it. 

Upon boarding the flight, Pump was almost immediately told that something was wrong. The captain of the flight came to talk to Pump personally about the bag in question, but he didn't take well to the accusations. Following a brief spat, the captain reportedly kicked Pump and his manager from the flight for being disruptive. The two got into further trouble when they spoke with cops in the terminal. Both of them were arrested for disorderly conduct in the airport.

However, there were no drugs found in the bag when it was inspected, and the luggage was owned by a member of Pump's crew.

This isn't the first time Pump has run into issues this month; the 18-year-old rapper was detained by Danish police just hours before a scheduled concert in Finland on Dec. 4. During his encounter with the officers, Pump decided to broadcast on Instagram Live himself taunting the cops on Instagram Live,, resulting in his subsequent detainment.

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