Chris Brown has been accused of attempting to "harass and intimidate" a woman who alleges she was sexually assaulted by Brown's reported friend Lowell Grissom Jr.

The woman, listed in court documents excerpted by The Blast Thursday as "Jane Doe," wants Brown blocked from filming her proposed inspection of his Los Angeles area residence. As part of her case against Grissom, the woman is requesting that she be allowed to "photograph, videotape, and inspect" the property without Brown and his team being allowed to capture their own footage of the inspection as it goes down.

Specifically, the woman is now asking the judge in the case to approve the inspection while barring Brown from filming her. "Your client has already made false accusations against Mr. Brown, so we want to simply videotape the premises and inspection as it is being conducted to make sure your client doesn't make up further false allegations against Mr. Brown," Brown's legal team previously said in court documents cited in the report. That request, per Jane Doe's team, is merely an attempt at harassment and intimidation.

Per the suit in question, the woman alleges that Grissom raped her in February 2017 after they met at 1 Oak in Los Angeles. The assault is alleged to have taken place after Jane Doe and another woman were "denied" the ability to leave Brown's residence. Brown has denied the allegations.

Also on Thursday, Brown was reported as facing a pair of charges in connection with his pet monkey.