Earlier this year, Casey Veggies released the video for his Wiz Khalifa-collaboration "Show Off," the second track he let loose from his forthcoming mixtape (which he tells us is "basically an all-original album"), Back Against the Wall. Today, he's back with a visual for "100 Times," which is the latest song from that release.

Casey told us the song is him showcasing his ability to play with "different sounds and using my voice in different ways. I think it's a step forward in the new Casey sound, and something I wanted people to vibe with." Casey also pointed out that the song was produced by his "longtime childhood friend T.Reg out of L.A.," and is T.Reg's first production he's ever released.

From the vibe of the song, it sounds like Casey's experimentation with his style matches T.Reg's material perfectly. It's smooth, with a chilled thump to the drums, allowing the pianos to ride in a solid pocket. On the track, Casey mentions he can "do this shit 100 times," and if they continue to sound like this, we'd want to hear 100 more of them.

Casey's definitely been busy. Back Against the Wall is coming, as well as his sophomore album, C.U.I.T.G, Also expect his upcoming collaborative project with Rockie Fresh, the long-awaited Fresh Veggies 2. Casey fans, get ready.