21 Savage played with his fans' emotions Thursday as they awaited his upcoming sophomore album I Am > I Was to drop. The hip-hop community was anxiously tapping their feet, hoping that 21's cryptic "12-7-18" tweet was pointing toward the big reveal. After having himself a laugh, the rapper announced the actual release date would be Dec. 21. However, Savage did give his listeners something to ease their excitement, the real money maker—album merch. 

Epic Records tweeted a link to 21's website Friday, where a slew of I Am > I Was merchandise is shop-able for a limited time only. 

The link brings you to 21's goth-chic website, very on trend, where all of the merch can be found. Among the items are two t-shirts, one of which has 21's face plastered across the front, a sleek black bomber jacket, a skateboard, slides (which look comfy af), a bleeding heart keychain, a snapback and more. The Issa rapper is even selling the digital album, as well as a vinyl copy of his sophomore project. All of the merch will ship the week of Jan. 7, giving fans plenty of time to binge-listen to the album before sporting their new gear. The digital album will be delivered via email on December 21, meaning that Savage won't likely be giving his fans another false alarm.

The items will be available only until Friday, Dec. 14 on 21 Savage's website