Waka Flocka is apparently ready to go gently into that elusive good night known as retirement.

Asked by Raquel Harper this week on Raq Rants "when" he plans to leave rap behind, Flocka suggested that's already well in the works. "I've been giving up," he said, as seen in the clip below. "Ask my wife...I don't wanna rap. I did what I came to do. I made past 30 million dollars. Everybody I started with is rich, everybody is happy. Everybody got kids. I don't have nothing else to do. Everybody else that didn't make, they died or they got kids. My right-hand man that was running the streets with me is a pastor. Life changed for me. People want me to be 'Hard in the Paint' Waka but I'm 32 years old. I'm a grown-ass man."

Flocka's most recent studio album was 2012's Triple F Life. In 2015, he linked with Good Charlotte for the Pixels soundtrack cut "Game On."

Waka Flocka added during the Raq Rants discussion that, in 2019, he and wife Tammy Rivera are planning to have a child. See more below. The full episode hits BET Tuesday night.

This news follows Flocka's comments earlier this week on his relationship with Gucci Mane. According to Flocka, he now has "no more beef" with anyone. "Aye Gucci, let's chat, sit the fuck down," he said in an Instagram video Monday. "All that playin' is over with. You know how to get me, big dawg. You call me."


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