A flock of annoyance-peddling paparazzi bothered The Game earlier this week in the Los Angeles area, leading to some comments on the current legal situation of 6ix9ine.

"All these new young rappers, because I used to be one, need to take heed because all that faking . . . is not what's gonna help your life," Game said while being bothered by the Blast and others outside the Murano nightclub in West Hollywood, where he celebrated his upcoming 39th birthday. 

The consequences, Game added, are often the same whether faking or not. "There's n****s out here really living and dying, doing real life sentences," he said. "You ever get a life sentence? Neither have I but I know n****s that's doing life and being from real gangsta shit . . . You faking, he doing it for real. Y'all both in there! You think you're hard because you're in there, he tryna to get out. The world gotta get their shit right. I don't know one killer that wants to be in jail."

Last week, 6ix9ine's attorney Lance Lazzaro argued that his client should be viewed as "an entertainer who portrays a 'gangster image' to promote his music." Furthermore, Lazzaro said, 6ix9ine is the "victim' of an "enterprise" he tried to distance himself from prior to his arrest on racketeering and firearms charges.

At a court hearing this week, 6ix9ine pleaded not guilty.

6ix9ine avoided jail time earlier this year in connection with his 2015 guilty plea of the use of a child in a sexual performance by agreeing to probation.