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Swizz Beatz is back.

More than a decade after releasing his debut album, One Man Band Man, the Grammy-winning artist has finally rolled out its follow-up: the star-studded Poison.

Spanning 10 tracks, the project includes guest appearances by some of the biggest names in the game: Lil Wayne ("Pistol On My Side”), Kendrick Lamar “Something Dirty/Pic Got Us,” 2 Chainz (“Stunt”), Nas (“Echo”), and Young Thug (“25 Soldiers”). Swizz executive produced the effort alongside J. Cole, whose involvement was somewhat accidental, as Swizz explained in a recent interview with The Fader.

“We were playing each other music, and then we started talking about things other than our projects, books, different things,” he said. “One time, I was playing him songs from the album—before I had all these different sonic elements to the album, before separating them into four boxes. What I played you guys, where it stopped, he was like, ‘That's the record. The other records you're playing me, they're huge, but I don't think you need it.’”

Swizz said he was slightly hesitant to slash the album’s tracklist; however, Cole reassured him that the move would elevate the project by making it much more personal.

“Why shouldn't he get that credit when he brought so many gems to the table?” Swizz said. “My generation needs to learn how to get along with the new generation anyways.”

You can stream Poison now on all major streaming services.