Last year an unreleased Prince song titled "Deliverance" unexpectedly surfaced online, with an EP of the same name expected to follow. The Prince estate was reportedly unhappy with the existence of the project, filing a federal lawsuit against the EP's co-producer George Ian Boxill. Prince's estate claimed that Boxill was releasing "Deliverance" and a number of other songs without their permission, and now it looks as if they've won the lawsuit against the producer.

The Blast now reports that documents they obtained detail the ruling of the long-winded cause, with Boxill ordered to pay $3,960,287.65 in damages, costs, and attorney fees. In August this year, an arbitrator ruled that Boxill had breached his contract with Prince's estate when he tried to release the EP Deliverance last year following the release of the lead single, which he uploaded to streaming services without their explicit permission.

It's also reported that the producer has been ordered to return all Prince materials he owned through his work for the late artist, although he's since filed his documents to attempt to vacate the ruling. The estate, however, is asking the court to confirm the judgment as a judge has yet to officially sign off on the ruling.

The first officially-sanctioned posthumous album from Prince arrived earlier this year in September, featuring demo performances of some of the legendary artist's most popular records alongside four previously unreleased tracks.