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Born in Tel Aviv, but now based in Brooklyn, DOV is a bolt of lightning piercing the grey November weather with his bright and enticing brand of alternative pop. "Save" is the latest such outing from the rising auteur, and this time he's brought along Israeli vocalist Tesha to craft an anthem about discovering and celebrating your own identity. In terms of instrumentation, it's a cohesive mix of electronics and live instruments that back Tesha's delicately sung vocals as they land perfectly on the track. 

"'Save' is a cry for help," DOV explained to Complex via email, "it's a cry for people to COME OUT! We wrote the song together and both identify as clear queers, our concept and identity centering around coming out. 'Save' is about being gay, being queer — it's a spiritual movement about releasing yourself from your past, the house that you grew up in, and from society's never-ending demands and constraining definition of sexual orientation."