Earlier this year, UK producer Bearcubs (or Jack Ritchie to his friends) released his debut album, Ultraviolet, a 12-track collection of silky-smooth electronics brimming with downtempo soul and nuanced songwriting. Clearly, however, there were more than just 12 gems to come out of the album's recording sessions and he's very keen that we hear some of that. One such track is "Lock On" and, though we're struggling to work out why it didn't make it onto the album, we're still grateful it's emerged in the crisp October cold because it's just so well-suited to this time of year.

The fact that "Lock On" didn't quite make the cut for Ultraviolet speaks volumes about the album. "Lock On" is a track that most artists would be thrilled to have as their lead single, particularly with a talent like Vasser attached, so there's just one more reason to grab the album, which is out now. 

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