After consuming Kodak Black's new single “Take One,” people are speculating that the Florida rapper might be dissing 6ix9ine.

Black has never been the type to mince words or sneak diss, but the lyrics speak for themselves: “I'm on house arrest but I'ma take one/That pussy bitin', so I paid to get her lace done/That n***a dissin' on the 'Gram, but I ain't say nothin'/I ain’t trippin, I’ma get him when that day come." 

Last month, the two rappers sparked a feud after one user in Kodak’s IG Live suggested the “FEFE” rapper was better than him. "Ain't nobody better than me. Fuck you talkin' bout. Is you crazy?" Kodak replied. "These n****s scared to go to jail. I'll go to jail tomorrow. Fuck you talkin' bout? Who better than me? Get off my Live with that bullshit."

Shortly after, 6ix9ine wrote "Kodak Black suck my dick" on a since-deleted post where he ranted about having beef with everybody.

The Ben Billions-produced track gets even more specific as Kodak goes on to reference 6ix9ine’s kidnapping in Brooklyn. “N****s gettin' kidnapped just to show you that it's real/N****s gettin' snatched, showin' you n****s know right where you live." 

We'll have to wait and see if 6ix9ine decides to respond. 

Listen to "Take One" below. 

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