Iconix Brand Group filed a lawsuit against JAY-Z last year over his use of the Roc Nation logo, which he put on some Major League Baseball apparel. Iconix alleged that JAY doesn't own the logo anymore. They reportedly bought it for $204 million and maintain full control of its use and where it pops up, especially when it comes to clothing. They asked for $10 million in damages, and now TMZ reports that JAY and his lawyers are asking for a restraining order against the brand, halting the lawsuit.

JAY's attorney, Alex Spiro, says that they have a No. 30 deadline to choose an arbitrator on the case, but JAY reportedly isn't happy with the list of candidates they've been given. JAY and his team believe the complete lack of diversity could damage their chances of coming out of the case fairly, and JAY wants to see more black arbitrators on a list of potential candidates. In fact, none of the 200 potential arbitrators they were given are black.

When they complained about the list, they received a new list of six potential arbitrators, but one of them reportedly works as a partner at the law firm that represents Iconix. JAY is asking for the restraining order so he and his team can figure out if the other candidates have a similar conflict of interest, and as such, they're currently asking for more time and more options. A court date hasn't been set.