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Like it or not, the feud between Wale and conservative talking head Tomi Lahren has lasted longer than many of the beefs of 2018. Since January of last year, the two have gone back and forth on social media after Wale released a song dissing the commentator (who may or may not remind you of a particular condiment).

The two last sparred in September, when Wale called Tammy out over her criticism of Michelle Obama. Of course Tomi’s gonna do what Tomi’s gonna do—hate—so despite the rapper’s previous criticism, the Fox host returned to Twitter sharing more annoying thoughts about the former first lady. Here they are:

Wale wouldn’t stand for it. This trolling is something we’ve seen before, but he dutifully points out that Tomi needs to find another hill to die on. “Just say you threatened by the power of black women and go Tammy,” he tweeted.

This is likely a feud that will simmer until the end of time, with no hope of resolution. Whenever Lahren feels the need to fix her lips toward black celebrities like Obama, Colin Kaepernick, or JAY-Z, he’s always there. Thank you Wale, for your service.