Ebro and 50 Cent are exchanging jabs once again.

During a recent episode of his Hot 97 radio show, Ebro spoke about the mounting legal troubles plaguing his foe 6ix9ine. The host, who has beefed with the controversial rapper throughout the year, read some key details about 6ix9ine's racketeering and firearms case and went on to share his opinion on the matter.

"It's really sad that somebody played themselves at this level—of thinking you could just run around and act this way in public, and there were gonna be no repercussions," Ebro said on air. "There are always, always repercussions for your actions."

Ebro then read a July email sent from a law enforcement source who insisted 6ix9ine would be either dead or in jail by the end of 2018.

"Now, this comes this morning from our source at the NYPD. And we didn't reach out to them; they reached out to us," he said before he began to read the latest email. "[...] 'We actually tried to warn him, but he refused to listen. His crew should have shielded him from being involved in any crime, because he was their chance to get out.'"

Fif eventually received word that Ebro had read the letter on Hot 97, and suggested the radio host was a NYPD informant.

"You working with police," the rapper wrote on Instagram. "Why the police sending you intel?"

Ebro has since responded to 50 and explained that, as a member of the media, he is regularly sent information from various sources. Ebro also threw a thinly veiled accusation at Fif: "You seem to never get in trouble, but everyone around you does," he wrote. "Peculiar."