The unreleased and presumed lost video for DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's campy classic "Nightmare on My Street" has finally re-surfaced. 

The Freddy Krueger-referencing track was originally planned to be a single from He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper, but that came to an end when New Line Cinema, which owns the rights to the horror franchise, caught wind of the video.

For the album's 30th anniversary, Jazzy Jeff revealed in an interview with The Boombox that he and Will Smith were sued over the '80s horror ode, which led to the video being pulled from syndication. The original video was then lost, until today.    

"No one’s ever seen that video; we got sued for 'Nightmare.'" Jeff explained.  "Like to this day, I don’t know… I had a copy of the video and I had an old girlfriend that taped soap operas over it. Will had a copy of the video and gave it to his dad and his dad lost it, but I don’t know anyone who has that video. That video is not online, that video is… like, it may be twenty people in the world that seen that video." 

That number is about to get a lot higher. The super cheesy clip was uploaded to YouTube  by Norma Thompson, which is the name of the protagonist of the first Nightmare film. The recording might be the only thing more dated than the content of the video, as tracking lines run throughout, the video wobbles and at one point it's clear that they accidentally recorded over the song with an episode of Growing Pains

With Halloween over, It's a day too late to be truly relevant. But what's a day, really, when you're talking about something that's gathered dust for 30 years? Check it out up top.