Fans are right to be worked up over Ariana Grande's upcoming album. After all, the title track is a certified bop. But Grande said fans need to cool it just a bit, because her album isn't coming this Friday. 

While rumors were circulating that Grande's Sweetener follow-up would drop tomorrow, the singer herself said she's still working on it.   

"I’ve seen rumors that it’s coming Friday but it’s not yet,” Grande wrote on Twitter. “We still finishing things up.” 

Given that Ari's still working, it's possible she has time to write some lines directed at ex Nathan Sykes. The former member of the Wanted said he was ecstatic to be left off "Thank U, Next," where Grande addressed several of her exes directly, including Pete Davidson and late rapper Mac Miller. 

Davidson recently wished Grande the best on Saturday Night Live, and plenty of people have been rooting for her considering the trials she's been going through.

If you need something to hold you over until Grande has everything ready, "Breathin" is nearly as much of a jam as the memeable "Thank U, Next."