Earlier this year, 6ix9ine was pistol whipped, kidnaped, and robbed. The alleged incident took place in August, leaving the controversial rapper hospitalized. Now TMZ is reporting that the man responsible for the assault, Anthony Jamel Ellison, was arrested.

Fired after the LAX brawl that took place earlier this year in February, Ellison was a part of the rapper's career during his earlier days and felt as though he deserved more money for his work as part of 6ix9ine's management.

Sources tell TMZ that Ellison felt he wasn't getting enough royalties for the money that 6ix9ine had started making when his career took off big-time this year, so he resorted to getting his own back. Law enforcement sources say that Ellison had "real beef" with 6ix9ine, and that there's another suspect involved who's still wanted in connection with the incident.

6ix9ine hasn't had a particularly great news month, with a shooting reported at a video shoot of his that cost Universal Music Group almost half a million dollars. Meanwhile, his legal issues have started to catch up with him. Earlier today, it was reported that the rapper pleaded guilty to the alleged assault of an NYPD officer, although he managed to avoid jail time for the incident, with the misdemeanor assault charged against him dropped.

Back in 2015, he pleaded guilty to the use of a 13-year-old girl in a sexual performance, which he filmed and posted online. He claimed the alleged victim lied about her age prior to the incident, and that he didn't know her real age.