A host known only as "the random urge to scream Tr3yway" has launched a Facebook event to, at least according to its title, "break 6ix9ine out of jail."

At the time of this assigned writing, the Facebook page had amassed nearly 5,000 attendees. At least, that's how many people have checked off on the "going" side of things. Another 6,000 people, roughly, claim to be "interested" in attending. The event has been listed as a "religion"-centered one.

Image via Facebook

And there's really not much more to say about that.

6ix9ine was among those arrested earlier this month on racketeering and firearms charges. At a court hearing in New York this week, he pleaded not guilty. A trial—in which 6ix9ine's social media activity will be used as evidence—is set to begin next September. Prosecutors informed the court this week that they had obtained search warrants for both 6ix9ine and Faheem "Crippy" Walter's Instagram accounts. A warrant for Walter's Snapchat has also been obtained. Phone and email records will be utilized as well.

The hearing also brought word that 6ix9ine had added a new criminal defense attorney to his legal team, which already included frequently quoted lawyer Lance Lazzaro. Dawn Florio, who previously worked on unrelated 6ix9ine cases, was reported as having been enlisted shortly after this week's hearing. Florio was involved with 6ix9ine's probation ruling earlier this year in connection with his 2015 guilty plea of the use of a child in a sexual performance.

DUMMY BOY, 6ix9ine's studio debut, was released earlier this week after a brief postponement.