6ix9ine has added a new criminal defense attorney to his legal team, which already includes Lance Lazzaro.

Per a report from the Blast Monday, Dawn Florio has joined Lazzaro and the team for the racketeering and firearms charges. Florio has previously assisted in other 6ix9ine cases, including a probation violation incident earlier this year.

Back in 2005, Florio was accused of sneaking in—among other things—rolling papers, pills, and a turkey sandwich for a client. Charges, however, were later dropped by way of "insufficient evidence."

Monday also saw the announcement of a trial date for 6ix9ine and the five other men who were arrested earlier this month. As it stands now, the trial will begin Sept. 4 of next year. The next hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 22. 6ix9ine is pleading not guilty.

"It looks like they've been working on the indictments for some time," former LAPD lieutenant Adam Bercovici told Complex when explaining the lengthy process at the center of a case like this. "That's because a racketeering case involves all kinds of things, like wiretaps and different resources that we use to get information. It’s not like we go out and say, we’re gonna make a RICO case."

Lazzaro, meanwhile, has expressed confidence in the eventual dropping of charges against his client. "I believe that the charges against him is an over-charge by the U.S. Attorney's Office and that when the facts come out I am confident that the charges will be dismissed as it relates to [6ix9ine]," he told XXL.