When fans will get the new 21 Savage album remains to be seen. However, the project finished—at least according to a recent Instagram post.

Despite his cryptic tweets regarding a 2018 release date (he has written “1?.?6.18” and “??.??.18” on Twitter), some have ran with the idea that it’s coming out on Friday, Nov. 30.

21’s manager Kei Henderson (who has confirmed the album is in the works) seemed to debunk this rumor on Twitter, though.

Still, 21 seems excited to share what he’s been working on, giving fans a golden grill smile while listening to his music.

Whenever the album drops, 21 has promised it will reflect an improved version of himself—as an artist and as a person. Speaking with XXL about his goals, he said, “Just going up, getting bigger as an artist. More music. Just being a better person in life. Being a better father. Just being a better everything. Just being a better brother, better boyfriend. Just everything. Better son. Just leveling up.”

It’s about to be a savage winter.