Less than 30 seconds into "Don't Come Out The House," 21 inexplicably switches up his flow and starts whispering about knives. It's a wild move. And it pays off. The album's most memorable moment on first listen, the whisper flow had people fantasizing about 21's side career as an ASMR YouTuber as soon the project hit Spotify. In 2018, if your song turns into a meme within an hour of its release, you're doing something right. This verse is more than jokes, though. As we've come to expect whenever he gets his hands on a Metro Boomin beat, 21 Hefner follows the whispers by ripping through a couple menacing verses full of quotable one-liners. If this album taught us anything, it's that the world needs another Metro-produced 21 Savage project as soon as possible. —Eric Skelton