The YBN crew are currently touring the world, but it hasn't gone off without issue for them. While in London for a show that was scheduled at the Electric Ballroom Sunday, Oct. 7, YBN Nahmir got himself involved in a brawl that might have resulted in the loss of the rapper's chain.

It remains unclear as to how the scuffle started, but there's a chance it might have had something to do with the subsequent cancelation of their show that night. As YBN Cordae revealed, the show was postponed on very short notice. "London, I'm deeply sorry," he said on Twitter. "You guys showed up BIG for us tonight, so big the venue got scared and canceled the show. Unfortunately it's out of my power"

In the video of the fight, Nahmir can be seen throwing numerous punches and kicks to the group provoking him. He yells at them as they run off, with someone from his team holding him back. Nahmir appears unharmed in the clip, and he later posted on his Twitter shrugging off the incident. Turns out he was right when he rapped, "I'm really small but I can fight but I'mma still up that pole" on his breakthrough song "Rubbin' Off the Paint."

Watch the video of the brief altercation above, and check out Nahmir and Cordae's tweets regarding the situation and subsequent cancelation of their show below. Read more about the rising group here.