Surveillance footage of a confrontation in Atlanta between Machine Gun Kelly's crew and actor G-Rod (Ozark, The Purge) has been released.

Wednesday morning, CNN ran an in-depth investigative report on the September 2018 incident that is sure to receive a handful of Pulitzers. Just kidding. The video (which doesn't feature Kelly) arrived via TMZ, who added that G-Rod alleges to have been "badly injured" by several people from Kelly's team, including Slim and drummer Rook. The incident followed G-Rod's decision to criticize Kelly to his face mere hours earlier regarding that whole Eminem thing.

"I will drop the lawsuit if we both sign waivers and meet in an octagon and go man-to-man without goons or weapons," G-Rod later told TMZ. Anyway, watch the newly released video up top if that's something you're into.


"You wanna talk about man buns?" Kelly joked in response to Em's "Killshot" during his recent Breakfast Club appearance. "Answer the facts. You wanna talk about a hairstyle I wore for a movie, a blockbuster movie? Shout-out Nerve. And a 10-episode Showtime series called Roadies. I'm an actor, homie. How disconnected are you? You called me a mumble rapper? Oh my god. Can we just pour some out for this old dumbass?" MGK then proceeded to pour some tequila onto the floor.

Kelly dropped his new EP Binge Sept. 21, just weeks after the release of Eminem's surprise Kamikaze album. He's currently on the road with Fall Out Boy.


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