The Queen is back.

More than a month after her last Queen Radio broadcast, Nicki Minaj returns to the Beats 1 airwaves for episode nine with DJ Boof. And it sounds like listeners are in for a surprise.

Episode nine airs fresh off the release of "Woman Like Me," Nicki's collaborative track with UK girl group Little Mix. The rapper has been hyping the track for the past several hours, boasting the reggae-infused tune's international success. 

The show kicked off with a phone call from Taxstone, the well-known podcaster who is currently locked up in prison. He shared his thoughts about the state of hip-hop, specifically the double standards and misogyny within the genre. Taxstone pointed to the backlash Nicki has received for speaking her mind and defending herself against the haters.

Taxstone also discussed his favorite rising rapper, his preferred sexual position, and Kanye West's controversial meeting with Donald Trump; in regards to the latter topic, Taxstone insisted "both sides needed to be heard." Nicki also told the former rapper that her American tour was still happening, and it would include "a big f***ing surprise."

Nicki then hopped on a quick call with Little Mix, played a few tracks and began smoking on some sativa, before taking questions from fans. She addressed her rumored relationship with race car driver Lewis Hamilton, claiming they were just "chillin'," and also spoke about her upcoming documentary, dealing with hate, and eventually starting a family. 

Kehlani also called into the show shortly after she announced her pregnancy. The singer revealed the baby was planned, the father is bisexual, and that they were in a relationship; however, Kehlani said she wasn't sure if marriage was in her future.

You can stream Queen Radio on Apple Music’s Beats 1 now. Nicki also told listeners episode 10 will air same time Saturday, when she "will get into some things."