After cultivating a healthy career behind the scenes, touring with his first band, opening a Brooklyn recording studio and co-writing Hailee Steinfeld's top 40 hit "Starving", LA-based producer MOSSS is now building up his own solo career. He made his first moves into that realm with last year's "Here If You Want (Pale Blue)" and now he's back with "Till You Sink", another groove-filled production packed with wintry cool and muted funk.

"'Till You Sink' started with a Casio synthesizer that I picked up on Craigslist for $100," MOSSS told Complex via email. "To me, the music for 'Till You Sink' has a dreamy, somewhat nostalgic vibe that encourages thought and reflection. At the time of this song I felt a lot of guilt about the way things turned out so when I would zone out my mind would go straight there. My words are about that journey but you can let the song take you wherever you want to go."