Everyone rejoice: It looks like Metro Boomin might finally want some more. The St. Louis-born super-producer could be teasing his return to hip-hop.

Fake missing persons Billboards have been spotted in New York City and Atlanta. "Missing. Have you seen this man," is printed in large red lettering accompanied by a photo of Young Metro and his basic information like his height and weight. Also scrawled on the billboard is the phrase, "All Heroes Don't Wear Capes." While nothing has been confirmed, this could possibly allude to the title of Boomin's comeback project. 

Metro Billboard
Photo by Shawn Setaro

Metro originally announced his "retirement" from hip-hop this past April, although the billboard says he went missing on Dec. 23, 2017. While his announcement came in Spring 2018, the date could be referencing the release period of his last project, Double or Nothing with Big Sean (which dropped Dec. 8). The 25-year-old has still made appearances on the festival circuit and has credits on some of the year's best projects, but his top-tier production has been noticeably lacking from rap music in 2018 as a whole. 

There isn't much concrete information linked to the mysterious billboards, but the possibility of hearing the "If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon shoot you" tag again in 2018 is certainly something to get excited about.