Right on the heels of his recently released project Nuthin' 2 Prove, Atlanta's own Lil Yacthty performed during the halftime show of the Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Giants game this past Monday. As his performance of "Everything Good, Everything Right" aired, some viewers took to their social media accounts to vocalize their discontent with the performance.

Yachty, in true Yachty form, acknowledged the hate, but decided to give a positive spin to it.

However, one Twitter user's unmitigated critique managed to catch the attention of the QC mainstay. Enter Travis Blackley, a professional baseball player most recently signed to the Texas Rangers in 2013 and has remained unsigned by an MLB team since. In a now-deleted tweet, Blackley didn't mince his words about his thoughts on the performance. "Absolute trash! How does this even pass for talent! Nothing about this so called music is real! What’s ur voice actually sound like without Autotune? It can’t be any worse that this!"

Once again, Lil Boat chose not to let the comment get him upset, as he took it as an opportunity to offer his own critique of Blackley.