KILLY is on a wave after dropping his EP KILLSTREAK, and he's keeping the fire rolling with a string of releases from his Secret Sound Club collective.

JUG, Benjy Mane and a4 all released tracks within the last week, and if you're a fan of KILLY’s music then you'll definitely want to check the stuff coming out of the mysterious SSC camp. Are they a label? A Soundcloud account? A group of heroes coming together to stop the mischievous Loki and his alien army? It's hard to tell because all of the artists keep a pretty low profile online. JUG is from Toronto but it appears he’s been spending time in the Vancouver area, judging from the tagged locations on his Instagram account.

a4's "Moment" is the most recent release of the bunch. His debut project Planet4 is due sometime in early 2019. Check out "Moment," "L02T," and "ARC'Y BOYZ" below and follow the SSC Soundcloud account for more fire releases, including the odd surprise loosie from KILLY himself.