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In a fresh interview, complete with Julian Berman-shot photos practically loaded with OOTD inspiration, Kid Cudi talks his Kids See Ghosts intentions, mental health, working with Pharrell, and more.

With this year's Kids See Ghosts debut, Cudi intentionally chose to "write the light" with his contributions. "Me and Kanye both agreed that we wanted to create a spiritual album," he told GQ's Mark Anthony Green in a new interview published Tuesday. "I know kids are used to hearing me talk about darkness, but I'm living in the light now."

Image via GQ/Julian Berman

Speaking further on his current relationship with the light and his 2016 entry into rehab for depression and "suicidal urges," Cudi spoke briefly on what a difference a couple years can make. "I was thinking of ways to do it," he said of 2016. "It scared me straight. What scared me was that my mind was willing to go there. After all these years."

As for now, Cudi—who will bring Kids See Ghosts to the stage at next month's Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival—is in a better place. "I'm not battling any demons right now," he said. "Thank God."

Elsewhere, Cudi talks Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' ("I don't know if Pharrell will work with me again, because those songs didn't do what they were supposed to do . . . The label didn't do the right thing"), fatherhood, and more. Catch the full interview here.

For the accompanying video segment, Cudi gave fans a breakdown of some of his most iconic cuts:

When sharing the article on Twitter, Cudi took the time to tell fans that he's currently working on a new album that he hopes to release at some point in 2019:

As previously reported, Cudi also teased last month that more Kids See Ghosts projects could be released in the future.